J. Douglas Armstrong

Dr. J Douglas Armstrong currently holds the post of Reader and Deputy Director for Bioinformatics at the School of Informatics and has developed a research lab focussed on information processing in natural systems. In addition to his informatics group he also has a wet laboratory in the adjacent Centre for Integrative Physiology studying learning processes in Drosophila.

Dr J Douglas Armstrong is based in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. Edinburgh features a large teaching medical school highly integrated into both local hospitals and strong basic research departments including Neuroscience, Integrative Physiology, Molecular Genetics, Psychology, and Informatics. The School of Informatics with around 500 research staff is reported to be the largest and strongest computer science department in Europe. The School has broad strengths in theoretical and applied information sciences many of which are relevant to this application. We have internationally recognised research leaders in relevant fields including text-mining, databases, systems biology, modelling and simulation, machine learning and neuroinformatics.

Main Tasks in this Project: The main task of this project partner is to manage WP 3 that covers the implementation and development of the informatics tools essential to support the collaborative programme as well as the statistical and mathematical models to be used to integrate results across the Consortium. JDA will directly manage the modelling activities based at Edinburgh and coordinate the other activities which will be hosted at other partners.