David P. Wolfer

Dr. David P. Wolfer heads the division Functional Neuroanatomy at the Institute of Anatomy at the University of Zurich and the division of Anatomy at the Institute of Human Movement Sciences at ETH Zurich. He is member of the Neuroscience Center Zurich (ZNZ) and of the Center for Integrative Human Physiology Zurich (ZIHP). His research group investigates the biological basis of cognitive functions, in particular the role of the hippocampus in memory and behavioral control. The group works with genetically modified mouse lines as well as with classical genetic and lesion studies. Together with the group of Hans-Peter Lipp at the Institute of Anatomy, he was among the first in Europe to analyze the behavior of genetically modified mice and since 1984 has contributed to the characterization of >140 mutant mouse lines. The two labs are pioneering the development and use of fully automated behavioural test systems that complement a large battery of conventional test systems, including electrophysiological responses in freely moving animals. Since 1999 they have organized 4 EMBO schools on behavioral phenotyping of transgenic mice.

Main Tasks in this Project: The main task of this project partner is the behavioral screening (WP 6) and, if appropriate, in-depth behavioral analysis of genetic mouse models used (WP 10), with an initial focus on autism and schizophrenia. In addition, the group can screen mouse models efficiently for anomalies in EEG using the self-developed neurologger technology. They will coordinate their efforts with the other groups involved in behavioural phenotyping.