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The EUROSPIN project was established to help understanding the basis of aberrant synaptic transmission at the genetic, molecular and network level with a view to restoring normal synaptic function, that is: developing novel therapies for synaptopathies (neurodegenerative diseases, schizophrenia, autism, depression etc.).

Our project will receive a maximum EC-contribution of 11.9 Mio. EUR over a period of four years.

This website already provides information about the EUROSPIN groups and our research concept. It will continuously be updated and extended to present the outcome and use of our research by scientific  publications, interactive databases and much more.

Everybody, especially journalists are cordially invited to contact the project manager.


The EUROSPIN project is funded by the European Commission


Grant No.: HEALTH-F2-2009-241498
Total Funding: 11,952,691 €
Coordinator: Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften e.V. (→ MPG)
  • Nils Brose (Science)
  • Joachim Bormann (Administration)
Start Date: 2010-01-01
End Date: 2014-06-30
Duration: 54 months

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