Michela Matteoli

Michela Matteoli, Group leader, Associate Professor of Pharmacology, neurobiologist, more than 15 years experience with mechanisms of synapse formation with a specific emphasis on regulation of synaptic vesicle trafficking.

The Section of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology of the CNR-Institute of Neuroscience, Department of Pharmacology, is located in Milano. It is composed by different independent teams comprising a total of about 60 scientists (11 CNR researchers; 3 full professors, 2 associate professors, 3 university researchers, 4 technicians plus PhD students and postdoctoral fellows). The laboratory is a section of the CNR Institute of Neuroscience, a federation of Neuroscience laboratories in Italy which includes sections located in Pisa, Padua, Rome and Cagliari. Including about 250 scientists, the CNR Institute of Neuroscience represents the largest neuroscience community in Italy. The laboratory of Cell Biology of the Synapse (directed by Michela Matteoli) is hosted in this structure.

Main Tasks in this Project: The main tasks of the group will be (i) monitoring the trafficking of synaptopathy gene products and of reporter synaptic proteins to the synapse and (ii) assessing the correct functional integration of these proteins at the synapse using multidisciplinary functional assays. The technical approaches will include time lapse video-microscopy of photoactivatable GFP tagged proteins, confocal microscopy, optical assays for synaptic vesicle recycling, biochemical purification of presynaptic compartments, single cell calcium imaging and patch clamp on isolated neurons