Joint Doctorate projects in Erasmus Mundus program for Neurosciences


The Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctoral Program "ENC-Network" (European Neuroscience Campus Network) is inviting applications from students having a solid background in neurosciences, biological psychology or medicine (on a master level or equivalent) with a strong affinity for studying brain diseases. Documented interest in research-like activities (e.g. demonstrated in the form of master thesis work, or participation in research related activities) is of large importance. Also fluency in English is requested. Both motivation, recommendation and study-results (top 10% scores) are important criteria for admission.

The ENC-Network is a new partner organization of Neuroscience Centers in Europe with the aim to organize research collaborations, aline grant acquisition strategies and create exchange opportunities at all levels of education and professional work. Partner-home institutes were selected on the basis of their outstanding publication records and ability to integrate different disciplines traditionally already being embedded in the various PhD programs of the respective institutes.

The partner-institutes in the ENC-Network are:

  • Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam
  • Bordeaux Neuroscience Institute
  • European Neuroscience Institute Göttingen
  • Neuroscience Center Zürich
  • Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology (University of Coimbra)
Each student will spend most of the time at one of two partner universities, and also receive a joint (or double) PhD degree following a successful completion of the studies. The mobility periods, as well as the courses a student will follow, are tailored on communication with two PhD supervisors. During the application process, the students are asked to indicate their preferences with regard to constellations of partners and a number of preselected projects being defined in parallel. An employment contract will be given to all selected PhD students during the study time, which is between 3-4 years.
Application ENC Network Cycle 2 is closed (deadline 31st of October 2010).
Selection procedure is pending. New PhD projects will be available on the
website around May/June 2011.

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