EUROSPIN project presentation


The first info sheet (project presentation) is available. It outlines the motivation, approach and expected results of our four-years initiative.

Title: European Consortium on Synaptic Protein Networks in Neurological and Psychiatric Diseases

Instrument: Large collaborative project

EC contribution: 11,952,691 €

Signalling at nerve cell synapses - a key determinant of all aspects of brain function - depends on hundreds of synaptic proteins and their interactions. Numerous recent studies showed that a wide range of neurological and psychiatric diseases are “synaptopathies” whose onset and progression are due to mutations of synaptic proteins and subsequent synaptic dysfunctions. EUROSPIN will pursue a multilevel systems biology approach to determine mechanistic relationships between mutations of synaptic proteins and neurological and psychiatric diseases, and to develop new diagnostic tools and therapies. Our concept is based on the current knowledge of disease genes, which we will continuously extend with new human genetic data and complement with large-scale screens of mutant mice in order to identify and characterize disease-relevant mutations in synaptic proteins and corresponding mouse models.

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