Synaptologics covers various aspects of logistics of Neuroscience projects in the fields of mouse behavioural screening and complex data analysis, and the use of high-throughput screening and data analysis for brain slice recording and genomics/proteomics/cellomics assays. In addition Synaptologics is manager/operator of the Dutch Mouse Phenomics Facility ( It has ample expertise in breeding, screening and logistics (including the executive management of a recent FP7 grant,

Main Tasks in this Project: Synaptologics BV will help in WP 3 to integrate existing Consortium network models into a unified synapse proteome and develop new integrated models combining structure and phenotype, in WP 5 to obtain new mouse models with behavioural phenotypes from an ongoing transposon random mutagenesis program, where mouse models have been phenotyped using integrative phenotyping technology and WP 6 to perform a large extent of the behavioural profiling in a available infrastructure (see below).