Noam Ziv

Noam Ziv is the Principal Investigator of the group. His group has developed and used cellular imaging methodologies to study the molecular dynamics of synaptic proteins, synapse formation, tenacity and maintenance.

The Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, is the oldest university in Israel, and is generally considered to be the country’s most important facility for science and technology. The Technion has about 550 faculty members and about 12,000 students. It offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in science and engineering, architecture, biology, medicine, industrial management and education. As part of a strategy to bring together the worlds of medicine, life sciences and engineering, the Technion recently established the Lorry Lokey Interdisciplinary Center for Life Sciences and Engineering. One of the clusters within this center is the Network Biology Research Laboratories (NBRL). This cluster, physically located in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, comprises six research groups from four Technion faculties (Medicine, Physics, Electrical Engineering and Chemical Engineering) that work together under one roof, developing experimental and theoretical frameworks for the study of biological networks, with particular emphasis on general mechanisms that allow for robust, yet adaptive, functionality in complex environments.

Main Tasks in this Project: The main task of this project partner is the analysis of mutated synaptopathy gene products at the cell biology level to examine how such mutations might perturb the structural and functional characteristics of individual synapses, the short and long term stability of these characteristics and the life span and turnover of synaptic connections.